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"We value the humanities, the truths in literature, the nuances of grammar, the lessons from history, and the evolution of languages.  We value communication and the power of spoken words.  The languages we teach are alive and are used every day all over the world.  We are global citizens." Salvador A. Oropesa, Ph.D.

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Languages Student Spotlight

Mari Lentini

Languages Faculty Spotlight

Congratulations to Gabriela Stoicea, assistant professor of German, for earning two grants to fund her book project titled Fictions of Legibility: The Human Face and Body in Modern German Novels from Sophie von La Roche to Alfred Döblin. The first award is a Humanities Fellowship from the Clemson Humanities Hub to fund summer research. The second award is a 2019 Tier One CU SEED grant. The Clemson Support for Early Exploration and Development (CU SEED) Grant Program provides two tiers of funding support to eligible Clemson faculty in either the initiation of research activities or the completion of a scholarly project or product. Projects or products for completion can include finalizing peer-reviewed publications, scholarly books, chapters in books, or visual and performing arts showings. READ MORE