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LAIB Internship Information:

Resources for internships in LAIB:

1. The Career and Professional Development Services at the Michelin Career Center offers a much information and orientation. Please consult the following sites:

2. The LAIB Conference held in the Spring semester is a great opportunity to meet with national and international companies that recruit interns. 

3. Clemson has affiliations with many third party providers that offer internships, such as ISAUSAC, and API. Check the study abroad office.

4. Consult the Greenville Chamber of Commerce or your LAIB adviser for additional information.

LAIB Internship Company Form

L&IH Internship Information:

The L&IH Internship/Foreign Study Requirement may be fulfilled in any of several ways, with the prior approval of the Director of the L&IH Program.

1. Health Administration internship: Students will be placed with mentors in a hospital, community health clinic or ministry of health to learn and apply knowledge of health administration /management systems in a host country in the language of the host country. 
2. Community Development internship: Students will be placed in a community program to assist in community development programs (or NGOs) organized through a University in the host country.
3. Research internship: Students work in teams with faculty on ongoing research topics on health, nutrition, comparative health systems, migration, and epidemiology through a University in the host country.

Requirements for the Internship Abroad:

To study abroad in a country where the target language is spoken for one semester (preferably during Spring semester of Junior Year or after) or during the summer. Students should complete 135 contact hours during their internship abroad.

Registration and Credits

Students should complete all documentation of their internship abroad (journal, documentation of hours, photographs). Upon return, students will register in L&IH 400 and they will be awarded 3 credits upon successful completion of the Internship research paper. Note that the course carries credits of Pass/Fail. Students will meet with the professor as needed during the semester to complete the research paper.

Spanish Internships

Programs are available in Latin America and Spain.

Centro Internacional de Estudios Culturales (CINECU):
Internships: Seville, Spain

Internships: Chile, Costa Rica, República Dominicana, Perú, Spain

Internships: México, Costa Rica

UDLAP (Universidad de las Américas):
Internships: Puebla, México

Internships: Toledo, Spain

Internships: Chile

Started in 2008, Vida Esperanza Salud (VES) — which means life, hope, health — is a partnership program of The Cliffs Preserve through The Cliffs Communities, The Wilderness Foundation and Clemson University’s Youth Learning Institute ( VES currently serves Patagonia, Chile by co-creating wellness and education programs for children and youth. VES focuses on four key essential areas of youth development to help produce aspiring, independent adults in the future: preschool, elementary school, high school and youth at risk.

Chinese Internships

Programs are available in China.

Clemson Program in China; Beijing, Dalian