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French Club


*Les Tables Françaises (for all students)

With Kaitlynn Haney (President of the French Club).

Students will discuss study abroad programs & personal experiences; they will meet up to watch films, to speak French casually, meet francophone people, and much more… Emails will be sent directly by Kaitlynn prior to each event/meet up.

*Les Déjeuners Info (for students of FR-2000-3000-4000)

With Pr. Kelly Peebles & Pr. Eric Touya.

Pr. Eric Touya

September 27th

12:00 – 1:00 pm

Strode Tower 206

Pr. Kelly Peebles

November 8th

12:00 – 1:00 pm

Strode Tower 206

Students will watch French news and start a discussion/debate. This is meant for you to have a good time, to learn about France’s current events and culture, and to improve your understanding and speaking of the French language.


*Les Soirées Ciné (for all students)

With Pr. Pauline de Tholozany, Pr. Anne Salces y Nedeo & Pr. Kenneth Widgren

Pr. Pauline de Tholozany

September 26th

04:30-06:30 pm

ASC 118

Le Bureau des légendes (s.1 ep. 1+2)

Pr. Anne Salces y Nedeo

October 18th

04:30-06-30 pm

DH 104

Le jouet (1976)

Pr. Kenneth Widgren

November 1st

04:30-06:30 pm

DH 104

L’avenir (2016)

Students will watch French/francophone films and start a discussion/debate. These may be part of a course requirement but all students at Clemson University are invited to attend. Participating in these events will develop your listening comprehension skills, as well as your speaking skills in French, and allow you to discover new perspectives on France and the francophone world.


*Le Rendez-vous Francophone (for all students of French) – Half day/Full day

With Kaitlynn Haney & Pr. Anne Salces y Nedeo.

A “francophone” outing may be organized during the semester. More information to come.
Francophone guest speakers may also be invited to share their experiences with you, on campus. More information soon.

Attending French Club events are a great way to improve your mastery of the French language in a casual setting, and to learn more about the francophone world. Check with your professor to know if you would receive extra credits for attending.

There is also a French club Facebook page: it is a place where you can share information in French, and meet new people. Visit:


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