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Booker T Washington

The mission of the Pan African Studies Program is to develop an intellectual framework from which we can encourage examination of the African and African American experience. PAS is a venue where all students can engage in a thoughtful exchange of ideas and intellectual discourse on a range of topics and issues. It is also designed to help students gain an awareness of the history and historiography of Africans and African Americans, while preparing them to meet the challenges of an increasingly diverse world. We want to enhance their ability to think critically, develop a sense of self-identity and become agents in promoting cultural diversity throughout the University community.

artAn equally important component of our mission is the development of scholars and scholarship, that emphasize social justice, cultivation of leadership skills and publication of world-class research. Additionally, we want to produce research material that provides new and innovative ways to look at the African Diaspora. In keeping with Clemson’s One World philosophy, we encourage unity by preparing students for global citizenship. 

The most effective weapon in the hand of an oppressor, is the mind of the oppressed. - Steve Biko