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Pan African Studies Minor


General Requirements for Pan African Studies Minor

A minor in Pan African Studies requires 18 credits as follows: HIST 3110 or 3120, P A S 3010, and 12 credits arranged as follows:

Three credits from GEOG 3300, HIST 3370, 3380, 3390, 4380, PAS 1010, 4980
Nine credits from ENGL 4820, 4830, PO SC 3810, SOC 4600, THEA 3170, 3000–4000-level course in the social sciences, or any 3000–4000-level course in the humanities approved by the Director of the Pan African Studies Program

Courses are to be scheduled in consultation with the appropriate advisors. Pan African Studies advisors will provide all affected advisors with a list of approved courses prior to registration.

Read Course Descriptions here