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Brooks Center

A student walks down the covered walkway towards the front of the Brooks Center.

Established in 1994, the Brooks Center has been the hub for the performing arts in Clemson for more than two decades. This 87,000-square-foot facility serves as a professional roadhouse, hosting world-class professional dance, theatre, and musical performances throughout the academic year in its spacious, yet intimate, 979-seat proscenium auditorium. In addition to professional productions, the Brooks Center is also home to the Department of Performing Arts, offering a dynamic, hands-on undergraduate experience. Its 100-seat blackbox theatre is home to exciting student theatre performances, and a 100-seat recital hall serves as a multi-purpose space for classes and student performances.

Digital Media Lab
The digital media lab puts some of the most advanced digital production software and equipment in the hands of students studying audio technology at Clemson. The centerpiece of the suite is the DigiDesign D-Command control surface for use with the Pro Tools software package. The system features a dedicated center section panel for EQ and dynamics plug-in editing, as well as per-channel control processing functions, routing, and automation modes.

The facility also has a large-screen LCD video monitor and a surround-sound speaker system. The video capabilities of this system are an important addition to Clemson's audio facilities, as many jobs require both audio and video knowledge. The lab is equipped with a Mac Pro computer running Final Cut Pro for video editing.

Recording Control Room
The control room is wired to the Brooks Center main auditorium, two large recording rooms, and two isolation booths. The system can record up to 32 tracks simultaneously, and there is enough processing power to accommodate in excess of 100 tracks in a single session.

Numerous professional-grade, signal processing plug-ins are available, including Waves and McDSP. Outboard gear includes microphone preamplifiers from John Hardy, Universal Audio, and DigiDesign. The studio is well equipped with high-quality microphones, including models from Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Earthworks, Shure, Audio Technica, and Electro-Voice.

Music Technology Lab
The Music Technology Lab has 14 student audio/music workstations. Each station is equipped with Pro Tools software and a full suite of audio plug-ins for recording, editing and mixing. For music composition and production, each station is equipped with a Yamaha MX keyboard, MOTU MIDI interface, Native Instruments Komplete soft synths, a variety of AIR virtual instruments and Ableton Live. There are also three portable Axiom keyboard/controllers that are available for students to sign out to use on projects outside of the lab.

The instructor station, which features a complete Pro Tools HD workstation, utilizes an overhead projection system so students can follow along with the instructor during demonstrations. The lab is reserved during certain hours specifically for students to work on their audio projects, and is also accessible during non-class hours.