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Music Minor


No entrance audition is required.

The curriculum can be completed in two years.

A minor in music is an excellent way for students to pursue their passion for music and continue their involvement in music activities during their undergraduate experience. The music minor requires 18 credit hours including private lessons, music theory, music history, and electives (some of these hours may also count as General Education electives): 

  • Four semesters of private applied music lessons. Students must choose a major instrument or voice. Lessons must be taken on primary instrument. An applied lesson fee of $305 per semester is required - scholarships are available.
  • One semester of music theory and aural skills
  • One upper level music history class
  • Four semesters of large ensemble on primary instrument; or secondary keyboard study (organ, carillon, or accompanying) for keyboard minors
  • One 3 credit hour music elective at the 3000 or 4000 level

For specific course information, see the Music Minor Checklist. 

Questions should be directed to the Department of Performing Arts at or 864-656-3043.

Students with interest in the Music Minor are also encouraged to consider a Double Major.