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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. I want to visit the Performing Arts Department and Brooks Center and would like to talk with someone about the music/theatre/audio technology concentrations. Is that possible?

    Contact us at 864-656-3043 or e-mail us at and a faculty or staff member will contact you soon to arrange a visit.

  • 2. Do I have to be a Performing Arts major to play in the band, take voice lessons, audition for a play or take part in other performing arts activities?

    No, all performing arts performance ensembles are open to all Clemson University students by audition.

  • 3. What are graduates from your program doing now?

    Clemson's performing arts students have started careers at a variety of institutions and organizations across the country. Other graduates have continued their education, pursuing advanced degrees in a number disciplines. You can see a list of some our alumni at the Alumni News page.

  • 4. What should I wear to my audition?

    First impressions mean a lot, so think "job interview." You can never go wrong with business attire. For the ladies - a nice skirt or slacks, nice blouse, low or medium heels will always work. For the guys - dress slacks or khakis, a nice golf shirt or dress shirt will work, ties and/or jackets are optional.

  • 5. When will I know if I passed my audition?

    If you complete the Clemson University admission process by December 1 and audition on or before the last Open Audition date, usually in early February, you will be notified in late-February. If either of these deadlines are missed, you will be notified as soon as possible after your audition and Clemson application are completed.

  • 6. My SAT scores are OK, but not really high. I've been participating in music or theatre since I was very young and really want to pursue my interest. Should I go ahead and audition or will my SATs keep me out of the program?

    Admission to Clemson University is competitive, however, standardized tests are just one component of the admission process. We encourage all interested students to apply and audition.

  • 7. I am a prospective Audio Technology major, but would like to receive an application for a music scholarship.

    Talent-based scholarships are determined by on-campus auditions. Contact us at or 864-656-3043 to set up an audition. See our website for specific scholarship audition requirements.

  • 8. How can I get involved in music or theatre if I'm not going to major or minor in PA?

    All music ensembles and the Clemson Players student organization are open to all Clemson University students and any student may audition for the bands, orchestra, and choirs and/or work on our theatrical productions.

  • 9. Do I have to audition to minor in music or theatre?

    No - we do not require an audition for the music or theatre minors.

  • 10. As a performing arts major do I have to have a minor?

    Yes - Production Studies in Performing Arts majors do have to have a minor. Certain other majors at Clemson require a minor and others don’t. You will need to check with whatever major you intend to pursue for the specific minor requirements.

  • 11. I am a Political Science major but would like to minor in music or theatre. Can I do that?

    If your major requires a minor, you can pursue a music or theatre minor at Clemson University.

  • 12. If I major in Music can I minor in Theatre?

    Yes. Theatre Majors and Audio Technology Majors may minor in Music. Also, Audio Technology Majors and Music Majors may minor in Theatre.

  • 13. Can I minor in Audio Technology?

    No. We only offer minors in music and theatre.

  • 14. What kind of scholarships do you offer? Where can I get more information and an application?

    We offer a number of talent-based scholarships. For a complete list, visit our Scholarships page. Scholarships are determined by on-campus auditions. Contact us at or 864-656-3043 to set up an audition for the major. Other scholarship opportunities are available to students wishing to participate in the various ensembles (Band, Orchestra, Choral). Auditions for ensembles are typically done at the beginning of the school year.

  • 15. Do I have to audition separately for a scholarship?

    For Performing Arts Majors, your entrance audition can serve as a scholarship audition.

  • 16. I love Clemson and I'm really interested in Dance. I've been looking at your web site but don't see very much about it. Where can I learn more about Dance at Clemson?

    The Department of Performing Arts offers classes for credit in jazz, modern, tap, ballet and the University Dance Company. For more information about the classes you may contact Dance Instructor, Cheryl Hosler at Other dance opportunities at Clemson include the Tiger Band Dancers, Clemson Dancers, and the Rally Cats.

  • 17. I want to change my major to Audio Technology. What do I need to do, and is there someone I can talk to?

    Audio Technology Auditions under the Admission tab for more information pertaining to the audition process for all students interested in the Performing Arts major. To speak with someone in more detail, about the audio program, you may contact the Director of Audio Technology, Dr. Bruce Whisler at Contact us at 864-656-3043 or e-mail us at and a faculty or staff member will contact you soon to arrange a visit.