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Faculty Bio

Antonini, David

Antonini, David

Lecturer in Philosophy

Phone: 864-656-2001
Web Site:

Ph.D. in Philosophy, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; MA in Philosophy, Southern Illinois University Carbondale; BA in Philosophy, Slippery Rock University

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Antonini joined the department in Fall 2018 as a lecturer and graduated in 2018 with his PhD in philosophy from Southern Illinois University, Carbondale where he completed a dissertation on the thought of Hannah Arendt. He has research interests in the development of Arendt's thought as it relates to problems confronting contemporary citizens, specifically those concerning the erosion of public space and public discourse. He has presented his research at the Arendt Circle numerous times and is interested in trying to reach a wider audience with Arendt's thought given its ever-increasing relevance to contemporary political circumstances. He has a strong teaching background in the history of philosophy (esp. the modern period), social and political philosophy and existentialism. His courses are grounded in the history of philosophy in order to extract the larger philosophical questions that remain continually relevant.