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"World cinema is simply the cinema of the world. It has no centre. It is not the other, but it is us. It has no beginning and no end, but is a global process. World cinema, as the world itself, is circulation.

World cinema is not a discipline, but a method, a way of cutting across film history according to waves of relevant films and movements, thus creating flexible geographies.

As a positive, inclusive, democratic concept, world cinema allows all sorts of theoretical approaches, provided they are not based on the binary perspective." Lúcia Nagib

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World Cinema Student Spotlight

Cori Heyman

A recent graduate, Cori Heyman is a writer for Film Autonomy. She interned with Loquat Films on the production of Famous Nathan, a documentary which made its debut at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival. At Clemson, Cori researched the history of rural movie houses while working with Dr. Burns and studied World Cinema with Dr. Skrodzka and Dr. Palmer.

World Cinema Faculty Spotlight

Chris Grau

An Associate Professor of Philosophy, Christopher Grau has published numerous articles that explore ethical and aesthetic issues in film. He is also the editor of three books on philosophy and film. The most recent, Understanding Love: Philosophy, Film, and Fiction is coedited with Susan Wolf and published by Oxford University Press.