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Faculty Bio

Hunter, Walt

Hunter, Walt

Associate Professor of World Literature; Associate Chair of English

Office: 816 Strode
Web Site:

Contemporary Poetry and Poetics, Global Studies

Ph.D. English Language and Literature, University of Virginia (2013); A.B. English and American Literature and Language, Harvard College (2004)

Curriculum Vitae

Walt Hunter's teaching and research are grounded in two fields: twentieth-century and contemporary poetry and global studies. His scholarship has been published or is forthcoming in American Literary History, Essays in Criticism, Modern Philology, minnesota review, New Literary History, and elsewhere. He writes about contemporary poetry in The Atlantic.

His first book, Forms of a World: Contemporary Poetry and the Making of Globalization, was published by Fordham University Press in 2019. Forms of a World shows how the forms of contemporary poetry are forged through the transformations of globalization from 1970 to the present. He is also the co-translator, with Lindsay Turner, of Frédéric Neyrat’s Atopias: Manifesto for a Radical Existentialism (Fordham UP, 2017) and a practicing poet. He was the 2017 South Carolina Arts Commission Artist Fellow in Poetry and his poems have appeared in the Harvard Advocate, The Atlantic, Boston Review, Prelude, Oversound, and other journals. Hunter is the recipient of a 2020 James Merrill House residency and multiple research and teaching awards, including CAAH Faculty Member of the Year for Excellence in Teaching.

Hunter received an A.B. in English, summa cum laude, from Harvard and a Ph.D. in English from the University of Virginia. He was a Henry Russell Shaw Fellow in Ireland and France from 2004-2005.

Selected Professional Works

Books (Published)

Forms of a World: Contemporary Poetry and the Making of Globalization, Fordham University Press (2019)

Books (Edited)

Translation: Frédéric Neyrat, Atopias: Manifesto for a Radical Existentialism, with Lindsay Turner, Lit Z Series, Fordham University Press (2017)

Journal Articles & Book Chapters (Published)

“The American Poetic Subprime: Contemporary Poetry, Race, and Genre,” New Literary History 51.3 (Summer 2020): 615-637.

“Poetic Dimensions, Critical Vocations,” Syndicate Lit, August 18, 2020:

"Contemporary Poetry and Capitalism," American Literary History 31.4 (winter 2019): 860-869.

“A Global ‘We’? Poetic Exhortations in a Time of Precarious Life,” Cultural Critique 98 (2018): 72-94.

“Planetary Dejection: An Ode to Finance,” symploke (special cluster on “Materialisms”; 2017): 225-239.

“Amassing Harmonies” Essays in Criticism 66 (2016): 268-275.

“For a Global Poetics,” ASAP/Journal 1.3 (September 2016): 365-377.

"The No Prospect Poem: Lyric Finality in Prynne, Awoonor, and Trethewey," minnesota review 85 (2015): 144-152.

“Claude McKay’s Constabulary Aesthetics: The Social Poetics of the Jamaican Dialect Poems,” Modern Philology 111 (February 2014): 566-584.

“Poetry and Sociality in a Global Frame,” College Literature 41.4 (fall 2014): 129-135.

“Lyric and its Discontents,” minnesota review 79 (fall 2012): 78-90.

“Kathy Acker and the Ethics of Frivolity,” Studies in American Humor 3 (fall 2011): 83-104.

Journal Articles & Book Chapters (Accepted or Submitted)

“‘A Little Room in a House Set Aflame’: American Poetry and Globalization in the Twenty-first Century,” Companion to American Poetry, ed. Mary Balkun, Jeffrey Gray, and Paul Jaussen (Wiley Blackwell, forthcoming)

“Make It Now: Poetry at the End of Time in Jorie Graham and Ghayath Almadhoun,” Precarity in Contemporary Literature and Culture, ed. Peter Simonsen and Emily Hogg (London: Bloomsbury Academic, forthcoming 2020)


“The Many Beginnings of Louise Glück,” The Atlantic (October 10, 2020):

“The Many Beginnings of Louise Glück,” The Atlantic (October 10, 2020):

“W.S. Merwin’s Poems of Ethical Care,” The Atlantic (March 20, 2019):

“The Story Behind the Poem on the Statue of Liberty,” The Atlantic (January 16, 2018):

“When Hamlet Starts Showing Up in Federal Court,”The Atlantic (June 13, 2018): federal-court/562703

“Remembering Donald Hall, A Poet of Love and Loss,”The Atlantic (June 27, 2018): love-and-loss/563723

“The New Intellectuals,” The Atlantic (May 8, 2017):

Poetry (Published)

“After Canto XIII of the Inferno,” The Atlantic (spring 2020)

“August,” Literary Imagination (June 2020)

“Holy Sonnets,” Literary Imagination (June 2020)

“A Letter,” Literary Imagination (June 2020)

“No Birds,” Literary Imagination (June 2020)

"Account," Oversound (2018)

"Summer Seminar," Oversound (2018)

"Named After the Sun," South Carolina Voices: Poetry and Prose (2018)

"Greenville" (with Lindsay Turner), The Spectacle (2018)

"Ecologue," Oversound (2017)

"Ecosplay," Oversound (2017)

“No Trees,” Prelude (2016)

“Distress Tolerance Handout 5,” Boston Review (24 April 2015):

Reviews & Interviews

"Same Difference: Jacob Edmond’s Copy Poetics,” Los Angeles Review of Books (Sept 27, 2019):

“Inventing Appalachia: Meredith McCarroll’s Unwhite: Appalachia, Race, and Film,” South Carolina Review 51.2 (spring 2019): 183-186.

“The History of Heroes Still to Come: An Interview with Thenjiwe Niki Nkosi,” ASAP/Journal (June 25, 2018):

“Five Questions for Frédéric Neyrat,” Interview for ASAP/Journal (April 13, 2017): for-frederic-neyrat

“Vulnerability in Romantic, Modern, and Contemporary Poetry,” Romantic Circles, audio interview (March 2017):

Review of Larissa Szporluk, Traffic with Macbeth, in Pleiades: A Journal of New Writing 33.1 (winter 2013)

Encyclopedia entries: “Chiasmus,” “cross rhyme,” “monorhyme,” “tail rhyme,” Princeton Encyclopedia of Poetry and Poetics. 4th ed. (Princeton UP, 2012)

Review of Zach Savich, Annulments, in Pleiades: A Journal of New Writing 32.1 (winter 2012)

Review of Brian Henry, Lessness, in Pleiades: A Journal of New Writing 32.2 (summer 2012)

Review of Donald Revell, The Bitter Withy, in Pleiades: A Journal of New Writing 31.2 (summer 2011)

Digital Works, Videos, CDs & DVDs, Software (Published)

“On Not Knowing How to Dance,” Modernism/modernity Print Plus (February 28, 2019):

“Process Against Progress,” Modernism/Modernity Print Plus (April 26, 2018):

“No Cure for That,” Cluster in memory of Stanley Cavell, ASAP/Journal (July 26, 2018):

"Speculations: New Irish Poetry," Jacket2 commentaries (spring 2015):

"Poetry After Language," ARCADE colloquy, co-edited with Marijeta Bozovic (fall 2015):


James Merrill House Writer in Residence, Stonington, CT (September 2020)

TeachingForward Fellow, Clemson University (2019-2020)

Idol-South Research Award, English Department, Clemson University (2018)

Faculty Research Development Project Grant, Clemson University (2018)

Artist Fellowship (Poetry), South Carolina Arts Commission (2017)

Tier 1 SEED Funding Grant, Clemson University (2017)

Faculty Research Development Project Grant, Clemson University (2017)