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Faculty Bio

Aldebol-Hazle, Kristen

Aldebol-Hazle, Kristen


Office: 511 Strode

Ph.D. English, University of California, Davis (2014); B.A. English, Duke University (2005)

Research Interests
medievalism, Middle English literature, allegory, bodies

Selected Professional Works

Conference Presentations (Delivered)

“Playing with the Renaissance: Video Games and the Aesthetic of Participation” at the Annual Meeting of the Shakespeare Association of America, April 5-8, 2017

“Unknown Origins: The Grail Hero in Medieval Quest Narratives and The Elder Scrolls” at the IMMERSe Medievalism and Video Games Symposium, University of California, Davis, May 1-3 2015.

“Immaterial Bodies, Material Effects: Allegorical Bodies and Late Medieval Devotion” at “The Material Middle Ages,” the UC Berkeley Program in Medieval Studies, Berkley, CA, February/March 2014.

“The Politics of Poetry: Translation, Cultural Exchange, and Language Theory in Lydgate’s The Pilgrimage of the Life of Man” at the 48th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May 2013.

“Reading the Foreign beneath the Surface: The Double Nature of Þe Pilgrimage of þe Lyfe of þe Manhode” at the 47th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May 2012.

“‘There and Back Again’: Repetition, Familiarity, and Alteration in the South English Legendary version of The Voyage of Saint Brendan” at the 46th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, MI, May 2011.

“From the Garden into the City: Pearl as Intermediary in Medieval Conceptions of Heaven” at the University of British Columbia 38th Medieval Workshop: “Writing the World,” Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, November 2009.

“Translating Paradise: The Literary Heritage of Aphra Behn’s ‘The Golden Age’” at the annual meeting of the Group for Early Modern Cultural Studies, Dallas, TX, October 2009.

“Excess and Masculinity in Early Modern Misbehavior” at the 18th Century and Early Modern Studies Colloquium, UC Davis, April 2009.