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Faculty Bio

Harris, Allison

Harris, Allison


Office: 502 Strode

Ph.D English, University of Miami (2017); M.A. English, University of Tennessee-Knoxville (2012)

Allison Harris's research and teaching interests combine Critical Ethnic Studies and literary studies in contemporary Multi-Ethnic American, African American, and Diasporic Caribbean literatures. Her manuscript, The American Dispossessed, reads a history of legislative dispossession in 20th and 21st century American literature set primarily in Appalachia. The project investigates racial bonding, proximity, and resemblance in relation to property vulnerability caused by slavery, Indian removal, German internment, coal mining, and nuclear power construction. The project examines how contemporary novels reach back to earlier dispossessions by using themes of fugitivity and complex narratological temporality, and it juxtaposes groups rarely considered together in theories of racial precarity in Appalachian and Southern studies.