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Faculty Bio

Cripps, Jody

Cripps, Jody

Assistant Professor of ASL

Office: 309 Strode

Ph.D., University of Arizona (2008); M.A., University of Arizona (2002); B.A., Gallaudet University (1998)

Curriculum Vitae

Jody H. Cripps teaches courses that provide an in-depth look into the cultural, linguistic, and contemporary aspects of American Sign Language (ASL) and the signing community at large.

His research interests include but are not limited to: language acquisition and literacy, signed music, and signed language pathology. Some projects currently in the works include a case study of the creative process behind a signed musical, made possible by a grant from the Canadian Council of Arts, ongoing literacy assessments, training, and implementation of a cross-linguistic reading model for deaf students under the Gloss Institute, and an in-depth study of dysfluency disorders (stuttering, aphasia, etc.) within ASL and signed languages from other countries. Jody is also a co-founder of two non-profit organizations and is the Editor-in-Chief for Society of American Sign Language Journal.

Prior to joining the Clemson faculty in the Fall of 2018, he started his academic career at Towson University. Contributions made there include serving as Chair for the College Council and the promotion and tenure committee, expanding the Deaf Studies program within and outside of the classroom setting, and acting as a consultant for the City of Baltimore Mayor’s Office.

Outside of academia, he is a surfer bum at heart and spends his spare time enjoying recreational sports, often with his wife and their two deaf dogs.

Selected Professional Works

Books (Edited)

Cripps, Jody H. (ed.) (2018). Society for American Sign Language Journal, Vol 2, No. 2.

Cripps, Jody H. (ed.) (2018). Society for American Sign Language Journal, Vol 2, No. 1.

Cripps, Jody H. (ed.) (2017). Society for American Sign Language Journal, Vol 1, No. 1.

Journal Articles & Book Chapters (Published)

Cripps, J. H. (2018). Ethnomusicology and signed music: A breakthrough. Journal of American Sign Languages and Literatures.

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Digital Works, Videos, CDs & DVDs, Software (Published)

Cripps, J. H. (Director/host). (2006). Understanding audism [Web streaming]. Retrieved from

Cripps, J. H., & Lummer, L. (Co-Producer/Co-Director) (2016). A grand home for signers: Charles Thompson Memorial Hall – 1916 to present [Webstreaming].

Towson, MD: A Cripps & Lummer Production. Retrieved from

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