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Faculty Bio

Beal, Bree

Beal, Bree


Office: 514 Strode

Ph.D. Institute for the Liberal Arts, Emory University; M.A. Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences, Arizona State University’s New College; B.M. Vocal Performance, Grand Canyon University

Dr. Beal's work draws on theory and methods from diverse disciplines within the interdisciplinary field of moral psychology, including philosophy, psychology, literary studies, evolutionary theory, and cognitive neuroscience. As such, he has cultivated an openness to different theoretical perspectives and methods, which affects how he thinks, teaches, and researches. Dr. Beal's dissertation project is a model of moral psychology derived from a reading of Fyodor Dostoevsky’s novels and placed in critical dialogue with relevant scientific and philosophical literature. Recent publications include a critique of the “monism” vs. “pluralism” debate in moral psychology, forthcoming from Perspectives on Psychological Science.