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Faculty Bio

Chwala, Gregory Luke

Chwala, Gregory Luke


Office: 517 Strode

Ph.D. English Literature and Criticism, Indiana University of Pennsylvania; MA.. English, Brooklyn College; M.A. Public Communications, Fordham University; B.A. English, Concordia College

Research Interests: 19th Century British Lit, Gothic Studies, LGBTQ Literature, Queer Ecologies

Dr. Gregory Luke Chwala has published work on queer, postcolonial, and Gothic literature, most recently in the Victorian Review (2018). He is currently working on a monograph entitled Toward a Decolonial Queer Ecology: Reparative Reading of Gothic and Speculative Fiction, and he is developing a second project that explores how trans embodiment in Steampunk fiction can open up new spaces for conversations about gender and sexuality.