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Faculty Bio

Edwards, Stevie, PhD Candidate, MFA

Edwards, Stevie, PhD Candidate, MFA


Office: 516 Strode

PhD Candidate: Creative Writing – Poetry, University of North Texas (2020); MFA: Creative Writing – Poetry, Cornell University (2013); BA: English with Creative Writing Emphasis, Albion College (2009)

Stevie Edwards is author of two poetry collections, Good Grief and Humanly, as well as a recent chapbook, Sadness Workshop. She holds a poetry M.F.A. from Cornell and is a Ph.D. candidate in creative writing at Univ. of North Texas. She has published approximately 200 poems in literary magazines, including Crazyhorse, Pleaides, Redivider, Booth, Women’s Studies Quarterly, The Journal, Columbia Review, TriQuarterly, Ninth Letter, West Branch, Gulf Coast, 32 Poems, Rattle, and Indiana Review. She also has poems forthcoming in American Poetry Review, Missouri Review, and Crab Orchard Review. Her article “Toward Defining a Feministic Poetics” is in The Writer’s Chronicle; her scholarship, interviews, and other reviews can also be found in Ploughshares Blog, American Literary Review, and Anomaly. She is founder/editor-in-chief of Muzzle Magazine and a senior editor at YesYes Books.

Selected Professional Works

Books (Published)

Humanly, Small Doggies Press

Good Grief, Write Bloody Publishing

Journal Articles & Book Chapters (Published)

Writer’s Chronicle: “A Room without Men: Toward Outlining a Feminist Poetics”

Sadness Workshop, Button Poetry (contest winner)

Indiana Review: “Nobody Is Lost” (Volume 35, Issue 1)

Poetry (Published)

Columbia Review: “Tapping Therapy” (Volume 10: Issue No. 2)

The Journal: “Another Poem About Pain” (Issue 43.1)

Crazyhorse: “Essay on Guns”

West Branch: “A Few More Lines on Lavinia”

Gulf Coast (Online Issue): “Drunk Bitch Dreams of a Luminous Stream” (

Pleiades: “Dream of Crossing” (Issue 38.1)

Ninth Letter: “Everything is Going Okay for Once” (Volume 14, No. 2)

Redivider: “Spell for Undoing a Life Sentence” (Issue 14.2)

TriQuarterly: “Some Things We Carried” (Issue 152)

TriQuarterly: “Mom’s Asked to Consider that the Supreme Court Ruling Against Giving Life without Parole as a Sentence for Minors Might Free Her Brother after 40-Years of Incarceration” (Issue 152)

32 Poems: “Fidelity” (Volume 15, Number 1)

32 Poems: “What Is Left to Say About the Body” (Volume 15, Number 1)

Women’s Studies Quarterly: “Sentry” (Volume 45, Numbers 1-2)

Booth: “After Party” (

Booth: “Calling Her Names” (

The Journal: “The Rapists Seem Hurt by Being Called Their Names in Public” (Issue 39.3)

Rattle: “After the Vigil for the Charleston Church Massacre.” (

Indiana Review: “Nobody Is Lost” (Volume 35, Issue 1)

Southern Indiana Review: “Gorge”

Rattle: “What I Mean By Ruin Is…” (Issue 35,

Poetry (Forthcoming)

Crab Orchard Review: “Easy as Pie”

American Poetry Review: “Narrative”

Missouri Review, Poem-of-the-Week: “Window Shopping”

Reviews & Interviews

“Editor’s Corner: An Interview with Elaina Ellis of Copper Canyon”, American Literature Review

Review of blud by Rachel McKibbens, Anomaly (formerly Drunken Boat)

“Editor’s Corner: An Interview with Jenny Molberg of Pleaides”, American Literature Review

“Regarding, Or Disregarding, the Non-Human World: An Interview with Melissa Kwasny”, American Literature Review

Review of play dead. by francine j. harris, Anomaly (formerly Drunken Boat)

Review of My Dinner with Ron Jeremy by Kendra DeColo, Anomaly (formerly Drunken Boat)

Poet Activist Spotlight: Mahogany L. Browne, Ploughshares Blog

Poet Activist Spotlight: Lynn Melnick, Ploughshares Blog

Poet Activist Spotlight: Marcelo Hernandez Castillo, Ploughshares Blog

Poet Activist Spotlight: Franny Choi, Ploughshares Blog

Poet Activist Spotlight: Rachel McKibbens, Ploughshares Blog

Poet Activist Spotlight: Jacqui Germain, Ploughshares Blog