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Regan, Amanda

Regan, Amanda



Amanda Regan is a historian of the late-nineteenth and twentieth-centuries She specializes in gender and women's history as well as digital history. Her current book project, Shaping Up: Physical Fitness Initiatives for Women, 1880-1965, examines particular instances in the late nineteenth and twentieth-century when the state sought to encourage the fitness of female bodies. Shaping Up argues that the discourse of fitness became a powerful instrument in managing women’s bodies around a series of conflicting social, economic, and political demands. Amanda also specializes in digital history and her work often relies upon computational methodologies as a research tool for examining large corpuses of primary sources and gleaning new insights. She is the co-Primary Investigator and Digital Lead on Mapping the Gay Guides an NEH funded digital history project that seeks to map entries from historical LGBTQ guidebooks and make connections between historical queer communities. Previously, Regan was a Digital Humanities Postdoctoral Fellow at Southern Methodist University's Center for Presidential History and a Digital History Fellow at George Mason University's Roy Rosenzweig's Center for History and New Media.