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Faculty Bio

Blouin, Vincent, Ph.D.

Blouin, Vincent, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Architecture

Office: 112 Olin Hall / 2-138 Lee Hall
Phone: 864-656-5352

Ph.D. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, University of Michigan (2001)

Curriculum Vitae

Vincent Blouin holds a joint appointment in the School of Architecture and the School of Materials Science and Engineering. The main goal of his research program is to bring the technical aspects of materials science and engineering to architecture in order to increase energy efficiency and sustainability of buildings. His expertise includes experimental characterization of materials and numerical modeling of multi-physics problems (fluid, thermal and mechanical). His current research focuses on developing design guidelines for integrating advanced materials in buildings, such as phase change materials, pervious concrete, metal foams, and recycled polyester non-woven textile panels. Other activities include studying the ecology of construction materials, monitoring of building performance and energy audit for cost-effective retrofit of existing buildings.