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Pan African Studies

About Pan African Studies

The Pan African Studies Program provides a framework to encourage intellectual discourse on the African and African American experience. Utilizing a multidisciplinary approach, Pan African Studies grounds students in the histories, cultures, literatures, and traditions of Africans and how they impacted the various regions where they came to reside since the sixteenth century. The program offers a broad spectrum of courses, such as history, communication, theater, sociology, nursing, and political science, which help students shape their major to fit their particular future interest. Students also have the opportunity to connect classroom learning to real world experiences through study-abroad programs and other PAS sponsored co-curricular activities. 

More so than African American Studies, Pan African Studies helps students gain an awareness of the full African diasporic experience that is required for understanding the historical and contemporary modern world. In this context it prepares them to meet the challenges of an increasingly diverse world in which people of African descent play a major role. We want to enhance our students’ ability to think critically about African diasporic issues, develop a sense of responsibility, and become agents in promoting cultural literacy and social justice throughout their various communities. 

Pan African Studies
Pan African Studies | 127 Hardin Hall Clemson, South Carolina 29634