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Faculty Research Development Program

Program Rationale

The Faculty Research Development Program, administered through faculty research grants and collaborative research awards was established specifically to foster the development of nationally or internationally peer-reviewed scholarly and/or creative work.  The program seeks to advance the College as a community of nationally recognized scholars, researchers, designers and creative artists.

 In this grant cycle, AY 2018-2019, the CAAH Faculty Research Development Program will fund two programs: 

  1. Faculty Research Grants – grants for travel, equipment and other expenses related to research activities. 
  2. Collaborative Research Grants – grants for travel, equipment, course buy-out, summer support and other expenses supporting research activities in collaboration with faculty co-investigators from outside CAAH. Encouraged are proposals or speculative, higher-risk pilot projects serving as the basis for future, collaborative research endeavors that are potentially transformative for the participating investigators and their discipline.

 Research proposals up to $20,000 will be reviewed. Grant funding distribution is contingent on the number and quality of proposals received.

 The grant cycle for this program is July 1, 2018 – June 15, 2019

 Submittal Schedule

 Dec. 4, 2017                Associate Dean of Research (ADR) forwards RFP to CAAH faculty

Jan. 23, 2018               Faculty submit proposal to Department Chairs

Jan. 30, 2018               Department chairs forward proposals to

Feb. 10, 2018              CAAH Research forwards recommended proposals to CAAH Research Committee for review and ranking

Mar. 13, 2018             CAAH Research Committee sends recommendations to ADR

Mar. 29, 2018             Faculty and Chairs are notified of proposals funded


 In order to be eligible for a Faculty Research Development Program award, a faculty member must meet the following criteria:

  1. PI and co-investigators must be tenured or on tenure-track;
  2. have established a clear research agenda and demonstrated the potential to advance his or her stature within his or her discipline;
  3. be approved by the department chair.

 Guidelines for Proposal Development

Proposal narratives must follow the FRDP proposal format (attached), and must be accompanied by a 2-page-maximum curriculum vitae of each participating investigator. The proposal must include the following sections:

  1. Proposal Narrative: Should describe the work to be supported by the grant, the purpose of the project and how it connects to the faculty member’s broader research interests and their discipline.
  2. Expected Outcomes: Under this sub-heading, describe the expected outcome(s) of your project in terms of scholarship output, peer-reviewed publication(s), design/creative artifact(s) and/or student involvement.
  3. Timeline: State a timeline for the project, from beginning to completion.
  4. Detailed Budget: Provide an itemized budget, stating amounts budgeted for travel, equipment, etc., as well as a statement of any matching funds secured and their sources. If this grant is to be used in conjunction with other sources of support, indicate soon the budget and state clearly whether these funds have been secured or are anticipated.

Required Attachments:

  1. Curriculum      Vitae: Provide a current two-page vitae for all participating      investigators.
  2. Report: If the applicant has received a grant from the Faculty      Research Development Program in the past, they must also submit that grant’s research outcomes report. A fillable form can be found on the research website.

Review Process

The CAAH Awards Committee will make recommendations for final decision by the Dean.

Proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Feasibility, clarity, and specificity of the proposed project and its significance to the discipline/profession.
  2. Potential for the project outcome(s) to be submitted for peer-review at the national/international level, and/or to advance the faculty member’s stature within his or her discipline.  Acceptable outcome(s) include books, book chapters, journal articles, peer-reviewed conference paper presentations, gallery exhibits, peer-reviewed artifacts, design competition submittals or performances or proposals developed to seek research funding from external sources.   This list is non-exhaustive.
  3. Feasibility, clarity, and specificity of the proposed project budget (applicable to research and collaborative proposals).

Submission Guidelines

All submissions must follow the FRDP proposal format (attached) and be in the form of a single PDF file; sent to your department chair with the appropriate subject heading: FRDP RESEARCH GRANT- (PI NAMES) or FRDP COLLABORATIVE GRANT- ( PI NAMES). Separate proposals must be submitted for each program application. No other submission mechanism or format will be accepted. 

Outcome Assessment & Required Reporting

The faculty member must submit a report to the Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies detailing the status of the project by July 31, 2019. This report should be emailed to Failure to submit an activity report or to produce acceptable outcomes will jeopardize eligibility for future funding through this program. All funding for this round must be spent by no later than June 15, 2019.  This time frame requires that all research trips be completed and funds expended in time to be processed by the end of the fiscal year, June 30, 2019.

 Any questions about the Faculty Research Development Program should be directed to,

  FRDP Proposal Template