Officer Team

Meet the 2017-2018 Officer Team

President: Ashlyn Hatcher

Hometown: Lake View, SC

Ashlyn is a Senior Agribusiness major with a minor in Business Administration. After graduating, she hopes to work in the Agribusiness Finance sector. As club president, she plans to seek out new companies to come speak, plan the club’s first field trip, and pursue positive member relations to create a successful club. Ashlyn is excited about her last year at Clemson and can’t wait to serve as the club’s president! 

Vice President: Mary Lindsay Costner

Hometown: Abbeville, SC

Minor: Business Administration

Future Goals: Obtain a Masters in Finance and work with commodity futures trading.

As a Vice President, I hope to achieve a strong relationship with the fellow members as well as an organized approach to bring a solid foundation to the group

Secretary: Benjamin Caskey

Hometown: Lancaster, SC

Minor: Horticulture

Future Goals: Have a sucessful career in the Agribusiness world.

As a secretary, I hope to ensure that there is continuous growth in the club and that individuals have the opportunity to learn more about the club as the need arises

Treasurer: Anna Stone

Hometown: Dallas, Texas

Minor: Spanish

Future Goals: Possibly work for the USDA or the World Food Program. In whatever I do, I want to use Agriculture to improve conditions for people throught the world as well as encourange other people from non-agricultural backgrounds to get involved in the industry.

As a treasurer, I hope to keep the club's finances organized, connect with other students, develop leadership skills, and learn more about agriculture.

Fundraising Chair: Liza Wilson

Hometown: Lowrys, South Carolina

Future Goals: In the future, I hope to return to my hometown and contribute to my family's farm operation. With a brother and father farming and another brother in timber, there are endless opportunities for me to help them grow their business and promote agriculture.  As club fundraising chair I will create and supervise fundraising efforts to support club activities. I look forward to being a more active participant and serving in the Agribusiness club. 

Advisor: Dr. Michael Vassalos

Hometown: Athens, Greece

Dr. Vassalos is an Assistant Professor in the Agricultural Sciences department at Clemson. Dr. Vassalos earned his PhD in agricultural economics from University of Kentucky in 2013. His research interests include  Farm/Agribusiness management and production economics. Dr. Vassalos has been the advisor of the Agribusiness Association since his arrival at Clemson University in August, 2013.