How & Why to Join

Why Join?

1. The club provides numerous leadership opportunities. Being part in one (or more) of these will look great at your resume!

2. We frequently host speakers from the agribusiness industry, the public sector and/or policy makers. Interacting with them will help you gain a better understanding of the agribusiness sector and what is required for a successful career related to agribusiness/applied economics. Furthermore, discussing with our speakers will help expand your network, and may provide internship/job opportunities.  

3. Through the club you will have a plethora of interactions with other students and faculty members. In addition to our formal meetings we have "informal" meetings such as bowling competitions, dinners, and potluck nights! This is a great way to promote interactions outside the classroom setting

4. Travel to different states, and events. Participate in regional and national competitions (for more information check the Competitions section of the website)

And above all: Have fun!

How to Join?

Just stop by in any of our meetings! Annual dues are $20 which are used to provide pizza, soft drinks etc. during our meetings. 

For more information please contact us with any questions you may have