Symphyotrichum patens: Late Purple Aster

Latin name: Symphyotrichum patens
 Symphyotrichum patens: Late Purple Aster
Common name: Late Purple Aster
Flowers: Thin rayed purple 17
Fruit: Not noticeable17
Height & Width: 3’ x 3’ 17
Type: Perennial17
Habit: Forb/herb 17
Wetland indicator category**: N/A
Texture: Coarse17
Growth rate: Moderate 17
Light: Full sun 17
Moisture: Medium17
Soil: Coarse to medium soils 17
Zones: 7 to 817
Origin: Southwest to eastern United States17

Features: This flower is a much more common aster than the Georgia aster also found in these gardens. It is common throughout South Carolina and often found growing along roadsides and ditches. It blooms September through October11.

Siting: Asters prefer full sun. The soil should be well drained, but maintain a moist root zone. Coarse to medium soils are ideal for this11.

Care: Plant in suitable site with adequate soil organic matter so that the crown of the plant is at the soil surface18. Ensure the soil is adequately moist immediately after planting. Keep soil moist but not soggy until plant is established. Once plant is established water deeply but infrequently whenever the soil surface is dry or almost dry 2” below the soil surface18.

Pests: Plants are relatively pest resistant if cultural preferences are met9.

Author: Alexander Smolka