Berly and Creighton Research Fellowships


Terms of the Awards - Berly: $5,000/year in supplemental support; Creighton: $3,000/year in supplemental support

  • Awards are for one year
  • Awards are open to new applicants and enrolled students in both the M.S. and Ph.D. programs
  • Award is administered by the Entomology Awards Committee 

Submission Requirements

New program applicants should submit research prospectus (one page maximum) as part of their application's personal statement, including:

  • Identification and background on a problem in entomology,
  • Questions and hypotheses to be addressed,
  • Research methods and field sites or facilities to be utilized.
  • Complete applications must be submitted to the Graduate School by January 15 each year (for consideration for a Fall award)

Enrolled entomology students should submit:

  • Research prospectus (guidelines as above),
  • Updated checklist of program requirements,
  • Courses completed and grades received for degree requirements.
  • Materials should be submitted to the chair of the Entomology Awards Committee by January 15 to be judged concurrently with new applicants.