The Carl & Ruby Nettles Memorial Fellowship


Terms of the Award - $25,000/year in stipend support, plus remission of tuition and fees.

  • Awarded on a competitive basis to a new applicant to the Entomology Ph.D. degree program
    • Successful completion of an M.S. degree is required prior to enrollment
  • Awarded to a maximum of four years, evaluated annually based on progress in the degree program
  • Recipient is expected to apply for extramural support by year three of their program
  • Award is administered by the Entomology Graduate Admissions Committee 

Submission Requirements

To be considered for the award, interested Entomology applicants should submit a research prospectus (two pages maximum) within the personal statement of their Graduate School application, specifically including:

  • Identification and background on a problem in entomology
  • Questions and hypotheses to be addressed
  • Research methods and field sites or facilities to be utilized

Applicants should have contacted and discussed their prospectus with a prospective major advisor prior to submission.

Complete applications must be submitted through the Graduate School by January 15, 2018 (for consideration for Fall, 2018 enrollment).

Please direct any questions to the Graduate Program Coordinator for Entomology, Michael Caterino (