The W. Carl Nettles, Sr., and Ruby S. Nettles Memorial Endowment in Entomology

Guidelines for Application

Mr Nettles of The W. Carl Nettles, Sr., and Ruby S. Nettles Memorial Endowment in EntomologyThe bequest is from the Nettles’ children in honor of their parents. Mrs. Nettles was an accomplished artist and china painter, and Mr. Nettles was an Extension Entomologist at Clemson University beginning in 1933, although he was employed at Clemson by 1928. When Mr. Nettles retired in 1972, he held the longest continuous service record in the School of Agriculture and nationally as an Extension Entomologist-Plant Pathologist.

The funds are intended to support professional development for entomology students. Up to 50% of the available funds are designated to support travel to meetings at which an Entomology student will be engaged in professional activities such as presenting a research paper. Proposals are funded for up to $1500 depending on availability of funding.

Terms of the Award:

  • Awarded on a competitive basis to a student enrolled in the Entomology Graduate Program for expenses incurred for travel to regional, national, or international meetings at which the student engages in an activity before an audience of professionals, e.g. presenting a paper or poster, or as a participant on a panel, debate, or competitive team
  • Funds may be requested up to the full amount of travel
  • Registration fees may not be requested for a meeting at which the fee may be waived in lieu of volunteer service
  • Students may request funding for more than one meeting in a given calendar year if the terms of the award are met. Students will be asked to sign a letter of agreement acknowledging that receipt of funding is contingent upon availability of funds and their fulfillment of the terms of the award
  • In the event there is a change in the student’s participation status at the meeting for which they have been allocated funding, the funding will be withdrawn
    • Recipients are expected to give a presentation on their research in the ENT 8090 Seminar series in the semester following receipt of the award
    • Recipients are asked to send a note of thanks to the Nettles family upon notification of funding
    • Funding is administered by the Entomology Graduate Advisory Committee

Submission Requirements

To be considered for one of the awards, interested enrolled Entomology graduate students should submit the following items in a single, electronic file by the deadline:

  • Statement including name of meeting, date and location of meeting, and how the awardee will meet the terms of the award, i.e., presentation, team member, etc.
  • Itemized budget for expenses
  • Graduate transcripts (unofficial is acceptable)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Up-to-date Entomology Graduate Program Checklist – no funding will be granted to a student who has not met the deadlines for their degree program