The W. Carl Nettles, Sr. Endowed Memorial Grant Fund

Mr Nettles of The W. Carl Nettles, Sr., and Ruby S. Nettles Memorial Endowment in Entomology

Mr. Nettles of The W. Carl Nettles, Sr. Endowed Memorial Grant Fund

Guidelines for Application

Dr. Carl Nettles served Entomology from 1928 until retirement in 1972.  His work includes an extensive collection of economically important insects and diseases.   He is responsible for the excellent tradition of entomology extension at Clemson University, specializing in the control of insects of agricultural importance in SC. 

The purpose of the Nettles fund is to provide grants-in-aid to advance student professional activities and research in applied entomological sciences. Grants of $500-$1,000 per proposal are available depending on availability of funding.

Terms of the award:

  • Awarded on a competitive basis to students enrolled in the Entomology Graduate Program
  • A proposal may be submitted for support from either the Nettles or King program, but not both
  • Funds may be requested for the purchase of equipment (to remain the property of Clemson University), supplies, research travel, services, publication costs, and similar expenses but may not be used for student salary, wages, or fringe benefits
  • Recipients are expected to give a presentation on their research in the ENT 8090 Seminar series in the semester following receipt of the award
  • Recipients are asked to send a note of thanks to the Nettles family upon notification of funding
  • Funding is administered by the Graduate Advisory Committee

Submission Requirements

To be considered for one of the awards, interested enrolled Entomology graduate students should submit the following items in a single, electronic file by the deadline:

  • Cover sheet, indicating which fund is sought and the amount requested. Cover sheet must include:
    • Title of the project
    • Your name
    • Grant for which you are applying
    • Requested amount
    • A brief project summary including a statement of how the funds will fulfill a professional, research or developmental need
  • Project description (5 pages maximum, 2-line spacing, and no smaller than 11-point font.) The project description should include the following sections:
    • Introduction
    • Objectives
    • Methods, procedures, or approach to be taken
    • Proposed outcome of project
    • Schedule for accomplishment (within one year of award)
    • Budget with a notation of current or pending support from other sources
    • Available facilities and equipment
    • References Cited, if applicable
    • Curriculum Vitae (11-point font)
    • Budget (detailed); if other funds are available to partially support activity, indicate this on your request
    • Budget Justification
    • Current and Pending support for the project, if any
    • Available Facilities and Equipment (adequacy of resources)
    • Up-to-date Entomology Graduate Program Checklist – no funding will be granted to a student who has not met the deadlines for their degree program.