Undergraduate studies in entomology

There are two formal options for undergraduate study emphasizing entomology, the minor, and the emphasis in the Biological Sciences Bachelor of Science program.

Minor in Entomology

Undergraduates in any major with interests in Entomology may minor in Entomology. This program requires Insect Biology and Diversity (ENT/BIOL 3100), and 12 additional entomology credits in courses at the 3000 level or higher, including any of a wide variety of upper division electives. Majors in Plant & Environmental Sciences or Biological Sciences may find the Entomology minor an excellent way to prepare for graduate work in Entomology. The minor may also be appropriate for students in non-biology majors who are interested in the roles insects play in their respective fields.

B.S. in Biological Sciences with Emphasis in Entomology

Undergraduate biology majors interested in Entomology also have the option to obtain a Bachelor of Science degree in Biological Sciences with an emphasis in Entomology. This program follows the standard Biology B.S. curriculum for the first year, but incorporates several entomology-specific courses in subsequent years, including Insect Biology and Diversity and any of a wide variety of upper division electives. Students with an Entomology emphasis will obtain a strong grounding in the biology fundamentals, with a broad background in insect biology and diversity.

Short of the formal emphasis, many Entomology courses are cross-listed in Biological Sciences, allowing any Biology student to receive credit in their major for courses about insect science.

See the complete description of requirements here: Entomology Emphasis in Biological Sciences Curriculum (PDF)

Cross-listed Courses:

  • ENT/BIOL 3010 Insect Biology & Diversity
  • ENT/BIOL 4000 Insect Morphology
  • ENT/BIOL 4150 Insect Taxonomy
  • ENT/BIOL 4360 Insect Behavior
  • ENT/BIOL 4690 Aquatic Insects
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