Horses and tack are all provided. Riders are responsible for lesson clothes, show clothes, boots, and an approved helmet or hat. 





$40 ($60 for both HS & W)

Paid to IHSA 

Club Dues

$50 (new members)

$40 (returning members)

Paid to CUET


Hotel Rooms


Per Night, 6 nights maximum for regular show season

Class Fees


2 classes max per show, 8 shows max per year

Team Gear



$40 - 65

Polo Shirt

$15 - 20

Lesson Fees
Lessons - $35
HW Rides - $15

Show Level Members who compete in 1 division will take 1 lesson and complete 1 homework ride per week.
$200/month for 4 months

Riders who compete in 2 divisions will take 2 lessons per week and 1 homework ride per week with the option for a second homework ride.
2 Lessons + 1 Homework Ride = $1,360/semester or $340/month

* An option to pay at the time of your lessons and HW rides will be given, but paying by the semester or month does give students a discount.

*Monthly payments will be paid the 1st of the month.
(Sept. 1st, Oct. 1st, Nov. 1st, Dec. 1st)

****Riders will not be allowed to continue with lessons or showing if payment is not received each week or in advance for lessons/HW rides****