Molecular characterization and quantification of metabolites and other chemical compounds is a vital technique to all disciplines whose emphasis ranges from genes to ecosystems. Along with the routine quantitation and characterization of compounds that are of natural and synthetic origins, MUAL undertakes method-development for enhanced sensitivity for quantitation of compounds from biological and environmental matrices through various sample purification and analytical approaches.

We work closely with researchers to optimize analytical procedures for which we have the equipment capacity. Please contact us to determine feasibility of specific analytical techniques.

The routine analyses that we perform are listed below.

targeted analysis
Targeted Analysis:
High sensitivity detection and quantitation of small molecules in biological and environmental systems. Absolute quantitation is possible when the authentic standards are available.
global metabolomics
Global Metabolomics:
Untargeted screening of 1000’s of potential compounds that comprise of products and intermediaries of primary and secondary metabolic pathways in biological systems. Absolute quantitation is made possible with authentic standards. Click to view Global Metabolomics details.
global proteomics
Global Proteomics:
Large-scale detection and analysis of proteins in various biological matrices. "Bottom-up" proteomics implements tryptic digestion of intact proteins to peptides, which are then analyzed using nano-spray LC-MS/MSClick to view Global Proteomics details.
Profiling lipid species (TAGs, DAGs, CEs, etc.) and subspecies, and the fatty acid groups (18:1 that comprise them in biological systems. The relative abundance of each class and subclass are determined between samples.

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