Multi-user Analytical Lab (MUAL) & Metabolomic Core

MUAL is a mass spectrometry-based core analytical facility assisting researchers to undertake challenging analytical projects in a wide range of disciplines.


Course: Analytical Techniques (Clemson University, PES8090)

Data collection method development for proposal/manuscripts. Utilized by >50 research groups in Clemson.


Advanced training on instrumentation

Meet the analytical needs of
universities, industry, & agencies - UFL, WSU, UD, UMass, UCDavis


Multi-User Analytical Lab (MUAL) and Metabolomic Core is an analytical facility within the College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Life Sciences at Clemson University assisting researchers to undertake complex analytical experiments in life sciences and environmental sciences. The facility focuses primarily on chromatography and mass spectrometry-based analyses of biological and environmental matrices including:

  • Characterization & quantitation of small molecules and oligomers
  • Global metabolomic analysis
  • Global proteomics [comparative and quantitative]
  • Isomer profiling of sugars, lipids, amino compounds, and secondary metabolites
  • Characterization of biopolymers in biomass (eg. cell wall, lignins)
  • Isotope-based metabolic flux analyses
  • Trace analysis of contaminants/ pollutants

The facility also offers researchers a wealth of post-analyses services including compound identification using in-house and online mass-spectral libraries, statistical analyses of complex data, and metabolic pathway analysis to contextualize the metabolomic data, proteomics data analysis, as well as provides hands on training for graduate students and postdocs in sample collection, processing, method development, and instrument operation through graduate course (PES 8090).