Sample Submission

Upon submission of this online sample submission form:

  • After we receive a valid account number from the PI, the MUAL staff will contact you within 24hrs to set up a meeting to discuss the specific analytical needs (instrumentation, method, etc).
  • If it is a first-time analysis that requires method development, the presence of PI during the initial meeting is highly recommended to have a better idea of the scope of the requested analysis.
  • Samples should not be submitted without prior consultation.
  • Samples will not be processed unless there is a valid IDO in place.

Analysis turnaround time depends upon whether the method has been previously optimized/reoptimized in MUAL. Hence, the first-time analysis often has a longer turnaround time, whereas the turnaround time of continuing analysis is shorter. The current turnaround time for sample analysis is as follows (depending on the method development involved and instrument availability):

  1. Samples that have an established method for analysis developed in MUAL, [~2 weeks]
  2. Samples that require reoptimization of a literature reported method, [~4 weeks]
  3. Samples that require development and validation of a new method, [2-3 months]

[Samples with Radioactive Isotopes Cannot be accepted for analysis]