Past Lab Members

Asma Abdelghafar (PhD Student 2012-2016)

Asma Abdelghafar

Asma Abdelghafar is originally from Benghazi, Libya.  She procured her Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from Garyounis University in Libya with a focus on botany and plant physiology.  After graduating from Garyounis University in 2009, she got a scholarship from her government to pursue a Doctorate degree. In 2012, she was accepted in to Clemson University's  Plant and Environmental Science PhD program.  Asma's research focused on enabling marker-assisted breeding for phytochemical compounds in peach.  Asma received her doctorate degree in December of 2016.  She really enjoyed and benefited from working in Dr. Gasic's lab, and looks forward to the next stage in her career.  Asma loves spending time with her sweetie girl 'Jana', and she enjoys teaching and helping others in different ways. 

Alex Frangiosa (Student Worker 2016-2018)

Alex FrangiosaAlex Frangiosa grew up in Philadelphia, PA and applied to Clemson for the Wildlife department. She is currently a Wildlife and Fisheries Biology major with a minor in Forest Resource Management, hoping to graduate in May 2018. After graduating she plans to attend veterinary school before becoming a wildlife veterinarian. Her wildlife biology classes emphasized plant and ecosystem studies, giving her a passion for plants. She has conducted invasive plant research with Dr. Don Hagan in the past, creating an interest in invasive plants. Alex joined the Gasic Lab to continue working on plant research (she also loves peaches, so this is a perfect fit!).

Mark Jasinski (Masters Student 2016-2019)

Mark Jasinski

Mark Jasinski is originally from Traverse City, Michigan. Always interested in science, he obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Genetics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2014. As an undergraduate, Mark worked on symbiotic relationships between nitrogen-fixing bacteria and rice crops. After graduation, he began working at a research farm in Deforest, WI to continue his experience in the agriculture industry. Mark was accepted into the Gasic program in 2016 to pursue his Master's degree in Plant and Environmental Sciences. His research focuses on the biosynthesis of carotenoids and their effect on commercial peaches, along with the development of functional allele markers to aid in the breeding process. In his free time, Mark enjoys playing basketball and golf, is an avid reader and writer, and is entertained by tracking statistics on sports and other interests.

Sarah Miller (Postdoctoral Research Associate 2018-2019)

Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller completed her undergraduate degree in Secondary Science Education from Colorado State University in 2009 and went on to teach high school sciences in Greenville County School District for several years. Sarah then attended graduate school at Colorado State University where she researched morphological, physiological and biochemical responses of sorghum to drought stress and completed her Ph.D. in Bioagricultural Sciences in 2018. She joined the Gasic Lab as a postdoctoral research associate in 2018 where she is currently involved in developing short and long-term solutions to reduce the effects of Armillaria Root Rot, a soil-borne fungal root disease that is a primary cause of premature peach tree decline in South Carolina. In her free time, Sarah works on her own farm where she enjoys homesteading and horseback riding.

Jonathan Windham (Masters Student 2016-2018)

Jonathan Windham

Jonathan Windham is from the small town of Lamar, SC.  He earned his undergraduate degree in Horticulture from Clemson University in 2013.  Jonathan's experience in the Gasic lab began in May of 2012 when he was hired as an intern and continued until graduation.  In August of 2015, Jonathan was hired at the Clemson University Pee Dee Research and Education Center (REC) in Florence, SC.  He is currently pursuing a master's degree in the Plant and Environmental Sciences graduate program at Clemson University under Dr. Ksenija Gasic.  In his free time, Jonathan breeds roses and is the curator of the Clemson University Rose Repository housed at the Pee Dee REC.