Lower Hunnicutt Creek Restoration

Restoration activity on Clemson University's lower reaches of Hunnicutt Creek began in May of 2013. These activities are part of a mitigation process for the commercial development of lands that impacted a stream system in the Clemson area. Restoration activities have brought together regional experts on stream restoration, Federal and State agencies, Clemson University administrators, land managers, faculty, staff, and students.

Location of the lower restoration on Hunnicutt Creek.
Lower Hunnicutt Creek Restoration Location
Location of the Lower Hunnicutt Creek Restoration site on the Clemson University campus.

Restoration plans for this reach of Hunnicutt Creek included:

  • Removal of large constructed berm
  • Lowering of the floodplain for stormwater access
  • Increasing channel sinuosity
  • Placement of in-stream structures
  • Streambank and floodplain stabilization
    • Erosion control blankets (Coir matting)
    • Native seed mixes
    • Live tree stakes
    • Containerized plantings
  • Invasive plant species removal and management

 CLICK HERE to view the As-Built Survey of the Lower Hunnicutt Restoration

Proposed changes at the lower Hunnicutt Creek stream restoration site.
Proposed Changes
Aerial photograph of Clemson University's Calhoun Research Area and surrounding lands. The restoration area is indicated by a red oval. The orange hashed line is a simplistic conceptual rendering of the proposed stream channel construction in this area.
Image of the lower Hunnicutt Creek after restoration.
Lower Hunnicutt Creek Restoration Completed
Aerial photograph from 2014 showing the newly restored area of Hunnicutt Creek.


CLICK HERE to see a fly over of the Lower Hunnicutt Creek Restoration!