The Sustainable Agriculture Program organizes and implements workshops each year on a wide range of topics including:

  • sustainable vegetable and livestock production techniques,
  • clean energy and conservation alternatives for farmers,
  • ecological pest control,
  • cover cropping,
  • soil health and quality management,
  • bio-integrated farming techniques,
  • value-added enterprises, and
  • marketing for diversified farming operations.

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Cover Cropping

Fruit Production


Weed Management

Post Harvest Handling for Wholesale Success
Attina Diffley, April 2016

Workshops and trainings include informative classroom sessions and on-farm activities for hands-on learning and are held throughout the state. Collaborating closely on workshop planning with the statewide Extension and other government and non-government organizations ensures the training topics and programs are relevant.

Please check out our training calendar for upcoming events.

Professional Development

Program funds are used in part to provide travel, lodging and/or meals for Extension agents and agriculture professionals to attend local training and continuing education events focused on sustainable agriculture. Funds also go to scholarships for regional conferences. Each year our program recognizes the South Carolina Sustainable Agriculture Extension Agent of the Year Award for South Carolina Extension agents who are making outstanding contributions in advancing sustainable agriculture development in the state.