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The Department of Campus Life offers various types of reservable spaces to students, faculty, staff and non-affiliated guests as permitted by the facility use policy. 

Non-affiliated guests should first contact our office before placing a reservation in order to discuss your event needs.

What is a reservation "request"?

Completing a reservation request form begins your event review process with our staff. Once we have received all necessary information from you, we will determine if we can accommodate the event based on timing, staffing, and technical needs.

Keep In Mind...

  • Reservation requests are accepted on a first-come, first-serve basis up to one year in advance.

  • You are strongly encouraged to place your reservation several months in advance to avoid conflicts with previously requested events.

  • While a minimum of three business days is required to place a request, at least two to three weeks’ notice is a must for some events.

 Submitting a reservation request may be completed by:

*Please note that we strongly recommend that you contact our office before completing a Virtual EMS reservation. The calendar provided on Virtual EMS does not provide a complete list of all requested events, and we can offer more up-to-date information.


Recognized Student Organization Reservation Form

Department and Non-Affliated Customers Reservation Form


Please note that our forms include important policies that should be read carefully.


Current Billing Rates can be found on the Controllers website.


If you are interested in paying your invoice online, please click the link below that corresponds with your reservation location. You will need to know your 5 digit reservation number to complete the transaction. 

Edgar Brown University Union Reservations Online Payment

Hendrix Student Center Reservations Online Payment

Mobile Events and Outdoor Spaces Reservations Online Payment

Memorial Auditorium (at Tillman) Reservations Online Payment

Barnes Center Reservations Online Payment