Web Leadership Team

Goals and Tasks of the Web Leadership Team

The WLT is an advisory body, charged with suggesting actions to Creative Operations that will position Clemson’s Web presence among the best in the nation by encouraging best practices in Web-based communication for all groups at the University.

The tasks of the team include planning, recommending and on-going assessment of Web-based communication at the University as outlined below.

  • Planning. The WLT assists in the strategic planning of University-wide Web-related efforts, including information architecture, technological capabilities, accessibility and implementation procedures.
  • Recommending. Each member of the WLT brings his/her own expertise and knowledge of industry trends as related to the Web. Therefore, the WLT is charged with using these varied backgrounds to analyze Clemson University’s Web presence and to make recommendations to OWS for best practices, appropriate processes and procedures.
  • On-Going Assessment. The WLT will be kept abreast of any major technology additions, process changes or policy shifts. Creative Operations will rely on the support of the WLT in its on-going assessment of the main University Web sites as well as periodic assessment of individual units on campus, as requested by that unit.

Approved by membership, November 30, 2007.

Web Leadership Team Members

Creative Operations will invite members to join the WLT based on their University responsibilities and expertise (both technical and non-technical). The ultimate purpose of this team is to foster open communication among University experts and to facilitate the exchange of ideas and best practices. Those joining the team should be willing to freely share their individual expertise and to attend monthly team meetings.

The below individuals have agreed to partner with Creative Operations by serving on the Web Leadership Team. This team was formed to oversee Clemson University’s strategic planning for Web management and to help people produce high-impact sites that will meet the needs of Clemson audiences.