Creative Services

Getting Started

This step-by-step process should help you get started.

STEP 1: Contact Creative Services regarding your interest in using Cascade.

  • The Top Level Responsible University Official (RUO) should contact us via the Request Form

STEP 2: Meet with our web services staff.

  • Web services staff will schedule a meeting with you (and your RUO) to decide which package you need.

For those choosing Option 1, Creative Services will work with the client to: (Steps 3-5 do not apply)

  • Develop sitemap
  • Develop timeline for the project from development to production
  • Build and maintain your site.

For those choosing option 2 or 3Creative Services will work with the client to:

  • Create a new main folder in Cascade with starter assets
  • Create Cascade user accounts and grant appropriate site access
  • If requested, Creative Services will work with the client to create a site structure.

STEP 3: Request training.

  • Creative Services will coordinate training dates with RUOs
  • Creative Services is also available to facilitate project-specific training for managers/publishers.

STEP 4: Request access to Cascade.

  • Creative Services will grant access to Cascade once users are ready to build and maintain their site.
  • RUOs, please visit the Cascade Request page to request users and groups.

STEP 5: Begin using Cascade to maintain your site.

Remember that the key to Web content is keeping it fresh, so be sure to continually review your site for ways to update and enhance it.