Mail Smart FAQ

  • Is it a letter or a flat?

    In order for a piece of mail to qualify as a letter, it must be no more than 6 1/8 inches in height and no more than 11 inches in length. In addition, it may not be more than 0.25 inches thick. Newsletters or other mail pieces that are folded in order to meet these restrictions require an end tab to secure them. It is best to make mailings meet these requirements as it will reduce both your costs in mail preparation and postage.

  • What mail class should I use?

    Most bulk mailings we process go standard or standard nonprofit to take advantage of the lower postal rates. If you are unsure of what mail class to use, please contact us in the Bulk Mail Center at 864-656-7720 and we will assist you in determining what mail class you need to use.

  • How do I submit a large (bulk) mailing?

    Please fill out the Mailing Request Form and submit to Our team will respond within one business day to provide confirmation of receipt. Please provide this request at least (5) business days before the mailing is due to give time for processing. Once the mailing is complete, you will receive a confirmation email from the mail team with important information, such as costs and savings.

    In some very rare cases, a mailing may need to be processed by someone other than the Clemson Mail team. In those cases, the Request For Exception Form must be completed and submitted to The purpose is to maintain the highest levels of quality and to confirm to all USPS regulations. Once received, our team will respond on the acceptance of the request within (1) business day.

  • What other services are available and are any required?

    If we are labeling and handling your mail piece, the following services are already included: ­ sort, bundle, bag, tray, sleeve, prepare paperwork and deliver to the post office. Mail pieces such as newsletters that have been folded to meet letter-size requirements must be tabbed. Other mail pieces that can open up may also be tabbed if you wish. We can seal your envelopes or stamp permit information (for nonprofit mailings) on your mailing for an additional charge. Also, any of our services can be procured individually if that is all  you require.

  • How should my address file be formatted when I send it to you?

    For machine labels:

    Any file that is comma or tab delimited will work fine. We can complete all the necessary formatting needed to order your labels. A typical file would look like the following:

    Bob Smith arrow120 Main Street arrowBldg 4, Suite 23arrowClemson, SC 29631Paragraph mark
    Jeff Johnsonarrow23 Oak StreetarrowarrowClemson, SC 29631Paragraph mark

    Each individual address must be from three to five lines in length. It is important to note that if you are ordering machine labels, you cannot put tabs (or commas) between the first and last name or between the city, state and zip.

    If you want to send the file in its completed format, it should look like the following, with all blank fields within the address eliminated (as in address #2):

    Bob Smith
    120 Main Street
    Bldg 4, Suite 23
    Clemson, SC 29631

    Jeff Johnson
    23 Oak Street
    Clemson, SC 29631

    For inkjet labeling:

    Any file that is comma or tab delimited will work (ASCII delimited or ASCII fixed length are typical formats). We will complete all the necessary formatting in order to process your job. All address files should look like the following (if tab delimited):

    Bob Smitharrow120 Main Street arrowBldg 4, Suite 23arrowClemson, arrowSCarrow29631Paragraph mark
    Jeff Johnsonarrow3 Oak StreetarrowarrowClemson,arrowSCarrow29631Paragraph mark

    It does not matter in this case if there is a tab (or comma) between the first and last name, but it is best if there is a tab (or comma) between the city, state and zip.

    Be sure to send your address file to us as soon as possible, preferably at least five days prior to when the mailing needs to be sent out.