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Alcohol Education Program

What is it?

The Alcohol Education Program (AEP) is a diversion program for first time offenders with alcohol related offenses. This program allows the defendant to participate in counseling and community service in order to get their charge dismissed. The defendant would then be eligible to get their record expunged, a process that eliminates the public record of the offense.

A defendant can only participate in this program once but may be eligible to participate in the Pre-Trial Intervention program in the future. 

What offenses are eligible to be dismissed through this program?

  1. purchase or possession of beer or wine by a person under the age of twenty-one pursuant to Section  63-19-2440;
  2. purchase or possession of alcoholic liquors by a person under the age of twenty-one pursuant to Section  63-19-2450
  3. open container in a motor vehicle pursuant to Section  61-4-110;
  4. public disorderly conduct pursuant to Section  16-17-530;
  5. littering pursuant to Section  16-11-700;
  6. providing false information concerning age to purchase beer or wine pursuant to Section  61-4-60; 
  7. unlawful purchase of beer or wine for a person who cannot legally buy for consumption on the premises pursuant to Section  61-4-80;
  8. transfer of beer or wine for underage person's consumption pursuant to Section  61-4-90;
  9. transfer of alcoholic liquors for underage person's consumption pursuant to Section  61-6-4070;
  10. possession of an altered driver's license or other false documentation pursuant to Section  56-1-515;
  11. another offense similar in nature and severity to the above-described offenses, as determined by the circuit solicitor.  However, the provisions of this item may not be construed to include an offense numerated in Section  56-5-2930  or Section  56-5-2933

How do I apply?

To apply, you must go to the  municipal court offices to receive and fill out a referral form  before your scheduled court date. You must bring with you your drivers license, your social security number and a copy of the ticket(s) or warrant(s). Once you apply for the program in the court office, you are not required to appear for your scheduled court date.

To be eligible for the program, you must be between the ages of 18 and 20 at the time of the arrest, you may not have any prior alcohol-related offenses or have any significant prior delinquency, criminal activity or alcohol related traffic offenses.

What are the program requirements?

As a part of this program, the participant is expected to complete an 8-hour alcohol education class and MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) complete 20 hours of community service and abstain from alcohol. The participant is also expected to complete the program without any further criminal arrests. Failure to complete all of the requirements or to stay out of trouble will result in the defendant going back to court to be prosecuted for the original charge(s).

What is the cost of participation?

Each participant is required to pay a $250 participation fee once they are accepted into the program. This program will also require you to pay $100 for the alcohol education class and $50 for MADD. There is an additional fee if you choose to get your charge expunged completely from your record.

What are the benefits of the program?

  • Opportunity to eliminate a criminal record. Your charge can be completely expunged from your record without having to wait the standard 3 year period.

  • Opportunity to keep driver’s license in cases where conviction would result in suspension of driver’s license (ex: underage drinking, fake ID).

  • Opportunity for South Carolina residents to retain LIFE Scholarship benefits.

For more information:


Alcohol Education Program
113 Court Street Pickens, SC 29671
(864) 467-8425
(864) 898-5632 (FAX)

Alyssa Malone
Case Manager