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Isolation or Quarantine Exit Transportation Requests

The below forms are designed to allow a student to pre-select a shuttle to return to campus from their isolation/quarantine placement. This form must be submitted by 7 pm on the day before the shuttle is needed. Note that you will receive contact from Redfern regarding whether or not you can exit isolation/quarantine and you will not be released until Redfern specifies.

By submitting this form, your transportation is secured for the time you have indicated. If Redfern DOES NOT CLEAR you to leave, you may cancel your ride request by texting 864.533.4500. You will be allowed to book another ride on your new departure date.

Select the day you will need transportation and complete the form to secure a ride.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact us at transit@clemson.edu or 864-533-4500.

If you are currently in isolation or quarantine and need transportation to Littlejohn Colisuem for testing, please use the Testing Shuttle Request Form to request your shuttle. This form must be submitted by 2 pm on the day before the shuttle is needed to secure transportation.