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How to Promote Your Facebook Page

As you probably know, people won’t come to your Facebook page without a little work. Here are a few tips to promote your page, help you increase your number of “fans”, and use Facebook to get the word out about your work:

  1. Invite your Facebook friends to your page. You probably have your own friends on Facebook and odds are some of them are interested in the work you do. Send them a personal message inviting them to check out your organization’s Facebook page. Don’t ask everyone; just invite your friends who may truly be interested.
  2. Keep your Facebook page updated. Don’t make the mistake of neglecting your Facebook page. Keep the content fresh and don’t forget the viral nature of Facebook. When someone interacts on your page it may appear on that person’s Facebook feed, promoting your page to their friends. If a fan asks a question, try to answer as soon as possible.
  3. Create exclusive content just for fans. Add content to your page for your fans that they cannot get anywhere else. Think about exclusive videos, podcasts, tips, gifts, discussion threads, etc.
  4. Promote regular interaction. Fans of your page love interaction. For example, ask fans to upload interesting photos from your county. Have your fans upload their photos to your Fan Page. Interaction keeps people connected
  5. Use a button to your Facebook page on your website. Download the “Find us on Facebook” badge below to link to your Facebook page.

    Facebook logo
  6. Right-click and save it to your computer. Insert the Facebook image on your website home page and link it to your Facebook page. The URL of your Facebook page is randomly generated until you reach 1,000 fans, then Facebook lets you pick your own URL. 

    To be sure you add the correct link when it is randomly generated, copy the URL in the address bar of your web browser.

    Facebook logo
  7. Leverage your email contacts. You are likely to have contacts in your email address book. Take advantage of that. Include your Facebook page URL in your email signature.
  8. Tag photos. If you host events, be sure to take plenty of photos, load the photos to your fan page and tag the people on the photos. Encourage fans to tag themselves. This, again, pushes that photo and the link to your page out into their wall and friends.
  9. Use the @ tag. As long as you’re a fan of your own fan page, you can “@ tag” it on your own personal profile wall. Tag your fan page by writing a personal status update. Start typing the “@” symbol and the first few letters of your fan page name (this works whether you have your username registered or not), and it will appear from a drop-down menu to select. This makes it an easy link that your friends can choose to click. This also can be done when you post messages on other people's walls or fan pages. But keep in mind to not just spam other pages.
  10. Announce your Facebook page to your web team. Clemson University and College departments have websites/directories that list all University related Facebook pages. By announcing it to your web team, you might get listed and gain additional traffic/fans.