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Meal Plans and Paw Points

Meal Plans

Meal plans allow cardholders to purchase meals ahead of time so they can quickly and easily utilize their TigerOne ID at on-campus dining halls.

For more information regarding meal plans and the various locations that accept payment through TigerOne, visit Clemson Dining.

Employee Meal Plans

Employees may purchase meal plans online or by payroll deduction.

If you wish to purchase a meal plan through payroll deduction, please email us at Qualifications for payroll deduction can be reviewed at Clemson Dining.

Please note that you cannot purchase an additional meal plan until all your meals are depleted. When you have a zero-meal balance, you can purchase a new meal plan.

Veteran Pricing

Veterans receive a discount on the faculty and staff meal plan, reducing the price to $250.

To receive the veteran discount, email the TigerOne office at

Military identification may be requested at time of purchase.

Paw Points

Paw Points can be used at various on-campus dining locations. Paw Points can accompany a meal plan or be purchased separately. Paw Points can be purchased and managed online. There is a 5 percent discount for purchases of Paw Points greater than or equal to $100. The chart below displays the differences between Paw Points and TigerStripe.

TigerStripe Paw Points
Put it "All In" your TigerOne Card and go cashless. Included with TigerStripe Included with Paw Points
Make purchases at any dining location on campus. Included with TigerStripe Included with Paw Points
Carry funds forward from semester to semester; however, any open account will be closed after 18 months of inactivity. Included with TigerStripe Included with Paw Points
Manage your funds online at Included with TigerStripe Included with Paw Points
Receive a 5% discount on purchases of $100 or more and get an additional 5% discount during promotional periods per semester. Included with Paw Points
Make purchases at participating off-campus locations, including restaurants, grocery stores and various other places. Included with TigerStripe
Make purchases at the Clemson University Bookstore to buy textbooks, school supplies and official Clemson University memorabilia. Included with TigerStripe
Pay for copies and printing at Clemson libraries through the CCIT PawPrints program. Included with TigerStripe