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CBSHS Newsletter Submission Guidelines and Form


Keep it as brief as possible
Also remember, the most important information should be placed at the top of the newsletter, and not “below the scroll.” Best practice workflow is to compose your newsletter in a MSWord.docx. Use Grammarly to scan for typos, style and brand voice. Then submit your stories one-by-one in the boxes below. 

Watch word count
Keep your newsletter content to approximately 2600 words total. Anything over this will be in danger of being marked as spam.

Newsletter format
Clemson University has a specific style regarding external communication. The CBSHS newsletter template matches that style. Here is an example of the CBSHS newsletter style. The base style is a landscape-oriented image followed by a headline, text and then the Read More button linking to an article. In the case of not having an article on a website, keep your story as brief as possible. 

Whenever possible, include photographs to keep things engaging. Be sure the images you select are clear, crisp, and not blurred. The rule of thumb is to have 80% text and 20% images in your newsletter.  Ideally, an image should be the first thing a reader sees when opening an email, with text underneath it. Photos should be the full width of the email and be in “landscape” alignment. Typically, you want to use only one image, but you could put three images in a row that link to three different webpages. Include captions in your copy if you wish for captions to be used. However, captions are not necessary.

Images with words
Any photos with words must also be submitted with the text. For example, if you have an image with a list of recent graduates, you must also supply the names of the graduates in text format. Any image submitted for a newsletter that includes words must also come with the text of the words within the photo. This is for federal ADA compliance and is not optional.   Also, words within photos can trigger newsletters going into the spam box.

Use Grammarly
Clemson has an enterprise account for all students/faculty/staff. You simply need to go to the link and sign in. Then download the app for your laptop. Grammarly has Clemson editorial styles built into the app. Taking 10 minutes to use Grammarly will help assure your newsletter is developed and sent quickly and efficiently. Link to Grammarly.

Proofread your copy before submitting
Nothing will delay your newsletter more than improperly written content. Newsletters should follow the Associated Press style when writing copy. This is the style of Clemson University style aside from a few University-centric nuances. Grammarly has University style built into the application. Here is Clemson’s style guide for reference.

Break up heavy text with bullets and lists
Do not be afraid to use bullets or lists, and when relating longer information, be sure to break every few sentences to create short, easy-to-read paragraphs.

Include a clear call to action (if applicable) 
You don’t want your audience to just read about what you’re doing; you want them to act! When you use compelling wording and include links and bold key phrases, you give an immediate cue to readers to take the next step.

Questions? Please contact:

Shelley Gordon
Director, CBSHS Communications and Public Relations

Timothy Whims
Web Developer, CBSHS Communications and Public Relations

Newsletter Submission Form

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