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CBSHS Student Advisory Board


The purpose of the College of Behavioral, Social and Health Sciences Student Advisory Board is to provide support to the college in meeting its strategic goals. Board members are each assigned to one of four committees: Communication, Development, Diversity and Inclusion, and Professional Development. Each committee works to assist the College in providing an outstanding educational experience for all students in the College.

Selection Process

Each fall a call for applications is sent to all undergraduate and graduate students in the College in order to allow for selection of new board members. Once selected to serve on the board, upon successful completion of board membership students are given the opportunity to remain on the board throughout their academic career at Clemson. Therefore, the number of board vacancies will vary yearly. The board strives to provide representation across majors, class rank, and a variety of demographic factors to allow for diverse representation of students within the College.


For more information about the board, please contact Associate Dean Dr. Denise Anderson at

Advisory Board Committees

Diversity & Inclusion

- Provide support for the College’s Strategic Plan for Inclusive Excellence
- Provide student representative on College Diversity & Community Committee
- Provide assistance at the Men of Color Summit
- Support recruitment efforts of diverse populations

Professional Development

- Conduct an informal assessment of professional development needs of students
- Develop one workshop per semester to meet professional development needs

Communication/Social Media

- Work with College media relations staff on story ideas
- Social media take over once/semester
- Serve as “roving reporters” to take photos and create bullet points to be used for copy at events, presentation or during class activities
- Provide feedback to media staff on content of social media feeds


- Assist with donor visits on campus
- Participate in week of gratitude activities
- Assist with phone-a-thon as needed
- Meet with interns to gain greater understanding of development goals of College
- Serve as student hosts as needed in President’s Box (football), etc.

Advisory Board Members

Student Email Year Major
Amber Ferguson Amber Ferguson

Aysia Cooper Aysia Cooper

Senior PRTM
Callahan Moore Callahan Moore

Senior POSC
Davontre' Goodwin Davontre' Goodwin

Senior CJ
Delaney Wallace Delaney Wallace

Junior PSYCH
Doyle Carr Doyle Carr

Eric Coleman Eric Coleman

Glenda Martinez Glenda Martinez

Junior POSC
Grace Falgoust Grace Falgoust

Grace Sauereisen Grace Sauereisen

Senior COMM
Heather Lee Heather Lee

Jessica Engel Jessica Engel

Junior COMM
Kathleen Browne Kathleen Browne

Junior PSYCH
Lauren Andrews Lauren Andrews

Leandra Hairston Leandra Hairston

Lenae Raymond Lenae Raymond

Junior PSYCH
Margaret Fischer Margaret Fischer

Mariana Adams Mariana Adams

Junior PSYCH
Mattie Lee Mattie Lee

Junior COMM
Morgan Mcmanus Morgan Mcmanus

Soph PHS
Phoebe Xoxakos Phoebe Xoxakos

Rachel Reid Rachel Reid

Senior PHS
Raphael Miller-Figueroa Raphael Miller-Figueroa

Senior ANTH
Sai Datta Mikkilineni Sai Datta Mikkilineni

Sarah Finleyson Sarah Finleyson

Junior PHS
Savannah Pierce Savannah Pierce

Senior POSC
Sidney Campbell Sidney Campbell

Junior COMM
Tyler Hendley Tyler Hendley

Senior PSYCH
Styler Love Tyler Love

Senior SOC