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Works by the multidisciplinary IEA Faculty Associates meet the diverse needs of older adults in our state. Research teams focus on cognition and aging, dementia care, chronic disease management, fall prevention and built environment and technological supports for aging in place. Community-based programs feature trained community Health Coaches mentoring older adults in chronic condition self-management and fall prevention as well as CU students offering programs of enriching activities to those with dementia. IEA Faculty Associates are committed to helping older adults retain their independence and ability to stay fully engaged in life as they age. Read the IEA Research Infrastructure Support Documentation

Research Clusters

  • Chronic Condition Self-Management
  • Fall Prevention
  • Dementia Care
  • Cognition and Aging
  • Social Isolation and Loneliness
  • Environmental and Technological Support for Aging in Place

Research Team

Cognition and Aging

kaileigh-byrneDr. Kaileigh Byrne
Working to determine age-related factors that affect goal oriented versus habitual decision-making.


Dementia Care

dr-nicole-davisDr. Nicole Davis
Exploring the prevalence of
Disease (AD) and dementia throughout SC, racial and geographic disparities in rates of AD, and how different racial and ethnic groups utilize healthcare. Assisted by doctoral student Caitlin Torrence.


Fall Prevention

cheryl-dyekaren kemper.jpgDr. Cheryl Dye, Dr. KarenKemper
Initiative in Oconee County in Collaboration with Prisma Health Upstate.


Built Environment and Technological Support for Aging in Place

anjali-joseph cheryl-dye ohara-susan madathil.jpgDr. Anjali Joseph, Dr. Cheryl Dye, Dr. Susan O’Hara, Dr. Kapil Chalil Madathil Understanding the feasibility of using a technology-based intervention to assess the home and community environment before joint
replacement surgery in order to prevent falls in the home and support aging in place post-surgery.

Research, Education, and Training

Chronic Condition Self-Management

  • Health Coaches for Hypertension Control (HCHC) designated by National Council on Aging as an Evidence Based Program in 2018 

  • Trainings conducted nationwide for master trainers 

  • As of 4-2020, HCHC has been disseminated in seven states 

Research, Outreach, and Service

Dementia Care

  • Brain Health Club- CU students provide cognitively and socially stimulating activities to those with early to mid-stage dementia 

  • Care partners benefit from a respite from their caregiving role 

  • Monday and Wednesday from 1-3:30 at the Central Community Center