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Schedule an Appointment

Whether you are a student who would like to schedule a time with one of our tutors or a faculty member wanting to book one of our Communications Studios, use the link below to schedule your appointment. If you have any problems scheduling your appointment, or if you have any questions, feel free to call us at 864-656-2028.

Schedule an Appointment Now

Online Instruction

The Communication Center will continue to support our students this spring semester as the university goes online.  To do this, we will also be moving our tutoring and mock interview sessions online. So, if you make an appointment, we will be meeting with you virtually. There are a few steps you will need to take to access your virtual appointment:

  • Ensure you are in a physical location where you can; have a private conversation via your personal computer with a webcam, see the screen of your personal electronic device while speaking with us, and remain distraction free.
  • Log into your g.clemson email account just a few minutes before the scheduled time for your tutoring session. 
  • Our online tutoring sessions are facilitated through the Google Meet application which is included in your Clemson Google suite. 
      • At the time of your tutoring session, you will receive an invitation to Google Meet in your email. Click Join Meeting.
      • If you have trouble joining from the button, you can copy the URL under the “Join Meeting” button and paste it to your search engine.
      • If both options do not work, you can email the Communication Center email account that first emailed you to connect with the tutor.
  • If we are having difficulty in getting the Meet session started we may call your phone in order to proceed. Please note that the caller ID may show up as "Unknown" if they call you from the Google account.
  • At this point you will start working with your tutor on the organization of your speech or practicing the presentation. If you are in one of our group sessions, this format will be followed for your entire group and you will all appear in the Google Meeting. Your tutor will first ask you to identify what it is you want to focus on and then they will support you with instruction, helpful links, and feedback.
  • Please note, we are training new tutors this semester, so your tutor may ask if you are willing to let one of our tutors-in-training observe your online session.
  • We will email you the report form we fill out together to email to your instructor.

The set-up steps will take around 5 minutes (if there are no technical problems).