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Distance Education Program

Program Description

For those students whose job or place of residence prevents them from attending courses at the University Center in Greenville, SC, courses are delivered in a synchronous online format. Our interactive program delivers the same high-quality curriculum, but through a flexible virtual environment. This synchronous format allows stu­dents to participate and interact with faculty and fel­low classmates in real time using web conferencing.

The curriculum is the same for the distance education track as it is for the on-campus doctoral program. The Ph.D. program consists of 57-63 credit hours, depending upon whether candidates enter with a master's degree. At least 18 credits must be for dissertation research.

  •  The program can ordinarily be completed in three years by students who enter with a master's degree and in four years by students without prior graduate education. This projected timeline is based on students pursuing the degree on a full-time basis while involved in a part-time assistantship.  The timeline is also affected by individual students' level of preparation, job demands and personal responsibilities.
  • An annual student meeting is held in August of each year in Greenville and/or Clemson, SC. Students in both the campus-based and blended programs are expected to attend. 
  • The language of instruction for all courses is English. Class start and end times are based on Eastern Standard time.
  • The majority of the dissertation/advisory committee, including the major advisor, must be comprised of Clemson University faculty who hold full-time tenure-track positions.  Either the major advisor or at least half of the committee must hold rank in the IFCS program.
  • Students enrolled in the distance education track or an overseas program will not ordinarily be eligible for graduate assistantships, both because such assistantships usually require work related to particular research projects based at Clemson University and because students are generally financially better off to continue in regular employment. 

For more information, contact:
Susan Limber
Graduate Studies Coordinator
Department of Youth, Family and Community Studies
Clemson University
321 Brackett Hall 
Clemson, SC 29634
(864) 656-6320