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Our People

Core Faculty

James R. McDonell
, Professor and Director of the Institute

Mark A. Small
, Professor and Department Chair of Youth, Family, and Community Studies

Bonnie Holaday
, Professor Emeritus

Susan P. Limber
, Dan Olweus Distinguished Professor

Arelis Moore de Peralta, Assistant Professor

Natallia Sianko,  Assistant Professor

Martie Thompson, Research Professor

Research Faculty

Sharon M. Holder, Research Assistant Professor

David Taylor, Research Assistant Professor

Marian Turcan, Research Assistant Professor

Jan Urbanski, Director of Safe and Humane Schools

Adjunct Faculty

Alexander Alonso, PhD, Vice President, Research, Society for Human Resource Management, Alexandria, VA

Ferid Agani, MD, PhD, Professor of Psychiatry, University of Pristina; Minister of Health, Kosovo

Asher Ben-Arieh, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Director, Haruv Institute, Jerusalem

Odile Camilo, PhD, Academic Vice Provost, Ibero-American University (Dominican Republic)

Nizel Fernandez, PhD, Researcher/Professor, Universidad Iberoamericana UNIBE, Dominican Republic

Edlira Haxhiymeri, PhD, Associate Professor of Social Work and former Provost, University of Tirana, former Deputy Minister of Education, Albania

Richard Holden, Phd, Assistant Professor, Indiana University

Migena Kapllanaj, M.Sc., Marin Barleti University (Albania)

Robin Kimbrough-Melton, JD, Research Professor, Kempe Center, University of Colorado, Denver

Osnat Lavenda, PhD, Lecturer, Ariel University, Israel

Gary Melton, PhD, Professor of Pediatrics, Kempe Center, University of Colorado, Denver

Jill McLeigh, PhD, Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Colorado, Denver

Nikoleta Mita, PhD, Professor of Psychology, University of Tirana (Albania)

Laura Sánchez, Phd, Associate Professor/Researcher, Universidad Iberoamericana UNIBE, Dominican Republic

Patricia Stone Motes, PhD, Research Professor, University of South Carolina

Dan Olweus, PhD, Research Professor, Center for Research on Health Promotion, University of Bergen

Kathleen Robinson, PhD, Retired Professor, Institute on Family and Neighborhood Life, Clemson University

Jitka Vacková, PhD, Associate Professor of Social Work, University of South Bohemia (Czech Republic)

Kathryn Whetten, PhD, Professor of Public Policy and Global Health, Duke University


Lydia Arneson, Program Coordinator

Shelli C. Charles
, Research Associate and Program Manager

Pat Hucker
, Grants Coordinator

June Jenkins, Training/Consultation Coordinator 

Linda L. McGee
, Information Resource Coordinator

Jane Riese, Director of Training, Associate Director of Safe and Humane Schools

Dana Southern
, Assistant, Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

Jessi Wilson
, Administrative Coordinator